I have given > 300 media interviews; below are some examples.


(31/10/13) Lady of the lakes: Diane Orihel set her PhD aside to lead a massive protest when Canada tried to shut down its unique Experimental Lakes Area. Hannah Hoag, Nature 502: 612–613.

(02/09/13) Last-minute reprieve for Canada’s research lakes. Brian Owens, Nature|Breaking News.

(29/06/12) Environmental science feels pinch in Canada’s budget. David Malakoff, Science 336: 1627.

(23/08/06) Linking atmospheric mercury to fish advisories. Rebecca Renner, Environmental Science and Technology 40: 5828.

Television & Radio:

(29/03/13) Inside look at soon-to-be-closed Experimental Lakes Area centre. Cameron Mackintosh, CBC TV|The National.

(14/08/12) Lakes in every province high in dangerous toxin: study. Andy Johnson, CTV News Channel.

(15/08/12) Lake toxin far more widespread across Canada than originally thought. Alex Freedman, CBC Radio|The World.

(27/06/12) Freshwater research cuts. Evan Solomon, CBC TV|Power and Politics.


(02/06/14) National Conservation Plan ignores national parks, wilderness. Maura Forrest, CBC News|Technology & Science.

(24/07/13) Time running out for world-renowned Canadian lab as transfer deal remains elusive. Gloria Galloway, Globe and Mail.

(27/10/12) Scientist takes on Ottawa to try to save ELA. Mia Rabson, Winnipeg Free Press .

(14/08/12) Liver toxins prevalent in western cottage country’s lakes, cross-Canada study finds. Bob Weber, Globe and Mail.


(20/09/13) The War on Science. Chris Turner, Greystone Books.

(25/10/12) Bold Scientists. Michael Riordon, Between The Lines.

(22/06/12) Party of One. Michael Harris, Penguin Group Canada.


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